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Glen Bernard Camp for Girls

working on Glen Bernard Camp for Girls working on Glen Bernard Camp for Girls

Glen Bernard Camp for Girls

Commissioned by Jocelyn Palm, owner/director of the camp on its 90th anniversary.
approx. 32" x18" image

Just Another Friday Night or The Band From Hell

Commissioned by C. McCall
Birthday /Anniversary gift for husband.
Friday night is music night in the Lanark Highlands.
Gary, Cindy and others gather at the home of Singer Songwriter Linda Grenier
to make music, laugh and giggle and generally blow off some steam!
Available as a greeting card.

The Irish Sisters

Commissioned to commemorate the 100th Birthday of beloved mother, grandmother and sister.
The sisters arrived in 1922 form Ireland to Toronto.
They grew up in a red brick home and spent much of their later years at what is now the family cottage.

Picnic With My Chef

Picnic With My Chef

Commissioned by S.Graham, a wedding gift for her friend who was marrying a chef
and had recently adopted a precocious chocolate lab puppy.



Commissioned by Sophie's grandmother. Sophie's first piece of art for her first birthday.

winter spring summer

Winter, Spring, Summer

Commissioned by Mr. and Mrs. Bultz of Ottawa, to compliment a piece they purchased depicting this same house in the fall.

photo of original art by Adrianna Steele-Card


Commissioned 2010


School Days

In June of 2009, retiring principal of the Zug Campus of The International School of Zug and Luzern, Elaine Tomlinson was given a special gift from the staff at the Zug School in Switzerland.

There are approximately 80 staff members and Elaine is a much loved and popular member of staff. Several people cried when they heard the news she was leaving. I left your book in my pigeon hole in the staff room and those who have managed to look at it, love your work. I sent out a mass email at work the other day and have received about 20 replies, all very positive. I definitely think that we will be able to go ahead with the piece based on the feedback I have received.

Sincerely, Donald Dobrenski

In the end Donald and over half of the staff pooled their resources and commissioned a piece of art featuring the heritage buildings the school is known for and the children Elaine came to love. Thank you to all of you it was a pleasure to work on this project.


The Diceman Family Rink

The Diceman family create their own backyard rink each winter In King City , Ontario. Mrs. Diceman saw my piece entitled Team Canada and sent me pictures of her family, their dogs and their back yard. This was the end result!

Best in Show

Babette Cohen and her husband Kieth have many pieces of Adrianna's which adorn their dental practice in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. In 2008 they decided it was time for them to have Adrianna do a piece for their home. Their passion is breeding and showing their golden retrievers. They sent Adrianna pictures of some of the shows they attend and Adrianna created one of her largest pieces to date entitled 'Best in show'! Don't tell the Cohen's but the ears and tails on the golden retrievers were made out of real poodle fur! This piece was in the area of 36" x 42".

Ski Scene

Jane Solly of Vancouver asked Adrianna to make a fun ski scene that she could hang in her family's chalet.


Inez Molly of Perth, Ontario approached Adrianna with a delicate request. One of her sisters had passed away and Inez wondered if Adrianna could create a piece honoring Inez's relationship with her sisters and in remembrance of the campground she and her husband Joe had run for years across from where Adrianna and Dave live. At the picnic table are the three sisters. Inez closest to you holding hands with the sister who passed away. The woman with the two boys is also representative of the sister who passed away. Inez being the youngest is also represented in the carriage (top left) while the other two sisters push her. Adrianna was enamoured of a charming picture of Inez with a big bow in her hair when she was a young child so she worked it in to the scene. Inez and her sister shared a love of the campground as well as deep religious convictions. Inez requested that this somehow be incorporated. Adrianna decided that a small angel in the tree calling to her sister would be best. This touch was greatly appreciated by Inez and Joe. Inez and Joe ran the camp for many years and hosted many picnics and had entertainers come and perform on a small stage, hence the woman singing. They loaned their beautiful property to Peace of Mind Creations for various large art shows and became good friend.


Enchanted Forest

Have you ever been to the 'Enchanted Forest'? Artists Brian Mantrop and Kathy Cashman have built a unique home nestled into the woods outside of the village of Westport, Ontario. This is the second 'off the grid' self sustaining home they have built. Tragically the first one was destroyed by fire. They have asked many of their artist friends to create versions of their home in a variety of media. Adrianna decided to do her version based on the house and its occupants' personalities. Free spirits that they are, Kathy and Brian are just back from a skinny dip up the road and are looking over their domain! Through the request of Brian and Kathy and a few other clients Adrianna has recently discovered that she enjoys creating architectural rendering in her style of peoples homes and cottages.

Sommers Family Cottage

For a golden anniversary gift a dear friend of the family and the daughters had Adrianna recreate times gone by at their family cottage. The couple in the boat are the anniversary parents. The children represent the daughters when they were kids, the family friend who is also the woman who picked up the finished piece at Peace of Mind Creations Gallery, is on the dock. The dogs represent different pets in the family. Both parents were professors at Queens University hence the emblem on the boat house.


Cue's Night

Sharon Hanson of Toronto has three other halloween scenes done by Adrianna. She is a great collector of halloween art! After the passing of her pussycat 'Cue', Sharon decided to ask Adrianna to make a special piece. She requested that Cue be in the piece and that there be a haunted church. Adrianna ran with the concept and created Cue's night.

I dreamed we went to Africa

Some of you may recognize this piece from Adrianna's picture book. So happy was she with this piece, Adrianna asked the family who commissioned it if they would mind if she used it in her book. She created a short poem to accompany it inspired by the little boy who the piece was created for. His mom asked Adrianna to create a piece set in Africa with many of the animals he loved the most and to somehow include his sister. The boy on the elephant and the girl with the long blond hair are the brother and sister.


Winter Family Fun Day

Alice's Aunt Michelle has been collecting Adrianna's art for a few years. She has quite a large collection. A few years ago Michelle and her mother decided that they would get Adrianna to start creating art for the rest of the family! Alice's sister Maizie already had an Adrianna original so it was Alice's turn! Each year the entire family reunite in Ottawa to go skating on the Canal. They meet at a coffee shop and then head out to the canal! There, they're all heading off for a day of winter fun!

The Family Tree

Maizie was not even born when Adrianna made this piece! Michelle told Adrianna that Maizie's mom was an arbourist and when she was a little girl she had a favourite book (The Velveteen Rabbit ) and a favourite toy (old brown horse) and blond curly hair. Her husband is a Maple Leaf fan. Adrianna encorporated these things into the piece and it hangs in Maizies bedroom.

Brian, Danielle and Thomas Frank

Adrianna's brother Noah went to high school with Brian. They were on the Athletic Council, skied and played rugby together. The first panel of the pic shows Noah and Brian hot dogging! At the time the piece was created the family was living in Dawson’s Creek. Brian and Danielle are both teachers. The 3 panels represent their love of the outdoors, their lifestyle as environmentalists, new family and teaching. They are now living on Vancouver Island.

photo of original art by Adrianna Steele-Card

photo of Adrianna Steele-Card and clients

Julie and Kara's Wedding

photo of original art by Adrianna Steele-Card

Spring in the Park

photo of original art by Adrianna Steele-Card

The Bus Driver

photo of original art by Adrianna Steele-Card

Time Together

photo of original art by Adrianna Steele-Card

Wedding on the Farm

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